Cost Of Services

The Human Service Center understands that access to quality mental health care and addiction services is important. We are committed to providing the best services at an affordable price, but no one will be denied access to services due their finances or insurance plan. ‘Ability to Pay’ payment plan applications are available upon request.

We accept most insurance plans and have flexible payment arrangements based on WI Ability to Pay (DHS1) guidelines. Below is a list of the rates for our most common services.

Outpatient Clinic

Service: Cost ($):
Alcohol and Other Drugs Evaluation $79.80 BS/120.00 MS /hour
Alcohol and Other Drugs Family Therapy 95.00 BS/130.00 MS /hour
Alcohol and Other Drugs Group Therapy 22.48 BS/28.00 MS /hour
Alcohol and Other Drugs Intake Assessment 79.81 BS/120.00 MS /hour
Individual Therapy 155.22 /hour
Individual Therapy without client 155.22 /hour
Medication Management - Low Complexity 74.91 /hour
Medication Management - Moderate Complexity 124.85 /hour
Medication Management - High Complexity 199.74 /hour
Mental Health Group Therapy 38.80 /hour
Psychiatric Evaluation 155.22 /hour
Psychiatric Evaluation w/Medical 299.64 /hour
Telehealth Facility Fee (in addition to other service charges) 25.00 /visit
Urinalysis (varies by number of panels & substances tested) 20-189 /test

Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) Program

Service: Cost ($):
Amend or Extend Drivers Safety Plan 75.00 /each
Biomarker 89.00 /each
Court Ordered Assessment 250.00 /each
Court Ordered Assessment - Out of State 275.00 /each
No Show Fee 125.00 /each
Urinalysis (varies by number of panels & substances tested) 20-189 /test

Records Requests

Service: Cost ($):
Records Request - Up to 25 pages 5.00 /Request
Records Request - if excess of 25 pages 0.25 /Page
Records Requests - Non?Client 26.00 /Request
Records Requests - Medical provider request 0.00 /Request