Board Information

The Human Service Center is operated by The Human Services 51.42/51.437 Board of Forest, Oneida, and Vilas Counties. Our Board is dedicated to ensuring a range and quality of services.

Our Board is comprised of 14 members who are appointed by the three county board chairpersons. Forest County has four members, two county board supervisors, and two citizen members. Oneida County has six members, three county board supervisors, and three citizen members. Vilas County has four members, two county board supervisors, and two citizen members. Our Board establishes policies, monitors implementation, and oversees The Human Service Center’s operations of programs and funding.

There are four committees: Administration, Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Operations.

The function of the Administration Committee, comprised of five board members, is to prepare budgets, monitor financial expenditures, approve capital expenditures, recommend policies for sound fiscal management, and oversee the maintenance and repair of the property.

The Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Committees each are comprised of seven Board members, and they plan for the provision of appropriate services to meet the needs of individuals and to determine the course of action most beneficial to all persons in the communities served by The Human Service Center.

The Operations Committee, comprised of five Board members, oversees personnel policy and procedures, salary administration, hiring of Board employed personnel and procedures of the governance of the Board members.

Regular meetings of the full Board are held on the third Wednesday of the month as needed.